Blogging is on the decline

Posted on 10th June, by boheekim in Uncategorized. Comments Off

So I’ve decided to start. It’s not that I like being contradictory, I just figure I need to start playing around on the Internet more, instead of always being such a lurker. I really don’t use Twitter and blog platforms often, mostly because I don’t think I have a whole lot to say that hasn’t been said ten times over, then re-tweeted to god knows where.

So, let’s get back to the blogging decline. A Pew report showed that though the Internets are dominating our lives, we aren’t interested in blogging or virtual worlds. Personally, I’m too busy trying to follow everything that’s happening online to write on a blog much. Besides, almost all my free time on the web is sucked up by Facebook.

I am wrapping up my first semester at UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism right now. I spent the past three-ish months getting acquainted with Richmond, a city in the east bay which has definitely seen some better times. Locals say it’s a city in transition and point out similarities between Richmond and Oakland, a city very visibly transitioning into some kind of foodie/starving artist central. If you want to break a story on anything, Richmond is where it is at. You’ve got a green party mayor and the largest Chevron refinery west of the Mississippi. You’ve got the Iron Triangle, where the majority of crime goes down, and you’ve got the Point, which has stunning views of the Bay. Richmond leads the Bay Area in solar power wattage per capita, but it’s also got 350 toxic sites. It’s a city of hope, heartbreak and contradiction, with an unpredictability that makes it a reporter’s promised land.

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