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Bay Area Living: Should you rent or own?

29th February

In 2010, there were a number of articles that came out saying that it was better for people to rent property rather than own it in the California Bay Area. Using interactives, data visualizations, videos and text, I lead my team (classmates at UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism) on this multimedia package.

I worked on the flash interactive at the top, as well as coordinated the project, discussing what story/data needed to be told in what medium.

The programs we used for the data visualizations were Flash and Protovis.

Please click through to the project page.

The Infamous News Quiz

29th February

While I was working as an online editor for Newzwag, a San Francisco-based subsidiary of Agence France-Presse, we wanted to make a news game that would show off your knowledge of current news and encourage people to keep reading. This was one of the strategies we had for getting people to engage with their news. We had a general news quiz, which was on Facebook, but we also had a sports quiz and entertainment quiz. Different renditions of this ended up on Yahoo!, ESPN, the Miami Herald, SFGate and more.

We also made an iPhone app version.

My job was to create questions, find art and occasionally fill in for the editor. We would also have to play the games ourselves for quality control. The best questions are short and concise, which can be difficult to do with complicated topics.

Liveblogging the election

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10th December

Using Storify, I used social media outlets like Twitter and Facebook, in addition to the amazing reporters we had out in the field to liveblog the elections in Richmond.

Interactive: Health care reform and what it means for you

12th November

Need some help understanding what the health care reform bill means to you? Check this out.